You're in safe hands.

A safe haven to confirm your sense of self, through play and self-expression, and to nurture your individuality. 


Welcome to Seesaw Psychotherapy

We provide a safe and nurturing space for individuals who are seeking to rediscover their resilience, find healthy coping mechanisms and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. 

If you are:

You're in safe hands.

About Seesaw Psychotherapy

Mental health care is just as important, if not more important, as caring for our physical health.  At Seesaw psychotherapy, you will be treated with kindness and respect.  Expect to engage in an experiential and humanistic form of psychotherapy with a caring and supportive therapist, who is post-graduate qualified and highly experienced working with adults, children and families in Europe, Asia and Australia.

You are invited to engage in a gentle, yet highly effective; holistic form of psychotherapy, known as Gestalt Psychotherapy, that encourages deep awareness of self (thought patterns and behaviours, for example); acceptance of self, and a lasting state of equilibrium.  You will find Gestalt therapy a refreshing alternative to conventional psychoanalysis.

Journeying together, your work at Seesaw Psychotherapy will be firmly grounded in psychotherapeutic theory and characterised by high ethical and professional conduct. 

You're in safe hands.